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Birthdate:Jul 29
Location:Georgia, United States of America
Website:A Dragon Writes :: My Writing Blog
Who am I? I'm a mother, a wife, a writer, and a bitch. In no particular order, of course. I'm imperfect, I'm flawed, I can be hard to live with. I'm a slob, a redhead, and damn sexy if I do say so myself. I love reading, I'm obsessed with dragons, and I love my cats. My dog is a pain, but I love him too.

I'm married to [info]severelyburned, a marriage we work hard to maintain. We've been through a lot together, and we're still here, living proof that divorce isn't always the best answer. I love my husband a great deal. I'm a programmer by trade. An entry level, but I'm damn well trained, if I do say so myself. I'm an amateur web designer, although of late I've gotten to where I just don't much care for it. I like my pages clean, simple, and uncluttered with graphics. I used to like background that were dark and light text, but I've grown out of that, and realized it SUCKS. Yeah. It sucks.

I am a Christian. I am proud of this fact, and it defines much of how I live and react to things. However, you will never find me trying to convert you actively, or go all evangelical. I prefer to show you how I live. I strive to be a good person, and I am NOT perfect... in fact, I'm probably one of the most flawed individuals you'll meet. I've walked a hard road, and I hope that I can show to all that God can forgive any sin. I count among my friends Buddhists, pagans, Wiccans, atheists, agnostics, and more.

On November 16th 2005, I gave birth to my daughter, Elisabeth Nicole, who was a whopping 9 lbs 12 ozs. Here's Elisabeth's birth story (beware, it's really long). She's two now, brilliant, beautiful, and the light of my life. You'll find lots of pictures of her in my photo gallery.

I delivered my second wonderful daughter, Rebekah Lindsay, by drug-free pitocin-enhanced vaginal delivery (ouch, my vagina) on St Patrick's Day, March 17 2008. She was 9 lbs 6.9 ozs (at three days early, no less). Read her birth story here.

I've also made myself some t-shirts. You know how people are always saying, "I wish I had a t-shirt that says..."? Well, I kept saying it, so I made some. :) These are all pregnancy related, and include "Yes I'm pregnant, no you can't touch", "It's baby, not belly!" and "It's his fault". Check them out!

I'm impatient, these days, with stupid people. I can't tolerate morons, and I'm getting short on pity for pretty much anyone. I hate politicians. And politics in general. Oh, and if you're going to communicate in a written medium, could you please at least make an attempt to use proper English? Seriously.

What else. Oh. Dragons.

Yeah. I like those.
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